Jerry Seinfeld explained the success of Facebook in 1992?!

Take a look at this – Seinfeld and his voice machine

In my opinion, Seinfeld merely (and so eloquently) expressed our common daily frustrations, and it is a quite a leap to conclude that he recognized those frustrations as leading to Facebook.

Isn’t it the other way around – in this day and age of so-called technology-enabled *social* networking, we are increasingly becoming ANTI-social, with telephone machine just being the early sign of those times coming. Aren’t we, under the pretense of our own convenience, just avoiding to talk to people and instead doing it only when we chose to, or when we had enough time to carefully craft and chose what/how to say it (well, most of the time, anyways), without having to exercise our body language, let alone its appearance.

Well… enough on that. My point was actually about what is that social(!?) trend going to mean to education and the classroom as its most recognizable and chief denomination? Isn’t the ‘social networking’ technology going to destroy that last bastion of our TRUE socializing? Is that ethical? And what is the name of the company which will do that?

And… is someone, 10 years from today, going to publish the same blog post and give us the credit for explaining the success of Knowillage?! Get it?

What do you think?

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