Content is the King (no more).

Just read the latest e-Literate blog at

The blog speculates about Apple’s planned media event where they will make an educational announcement. But, pls read it, I’d like to offer you some of my thoughts:

I actually believe that Content is the King, but it will absolutely no longer be crowned by large publishers, who still live in Guttenberg’s time (over 80% of their revenues are still coming from printed materials and books).

Is it going to be Apple (again) who will make this happen, or it will be some new innovative company who will find a way of finding and offering *every* content to the students, not only the once sacred wise men and women from publishing companies?

It doesn’t matter how is online content sold (iTunesU,, etc.). What matters is that one day, soon enough, we’ll ask ourselves – who is to say that the subject matter expert (chosen by publishers through the selection process they drive exclusively) is actually *the* one that is the best, or most suitable for our individual learning styles, formats, objectives? Shouldn’t it be the students who, by way of selection/voting (like for everything else in online world – music, politics) actually chose those authors that are producing best results for their own individual needs and circustmances.

Don’t you think that this sound like an opportunity for many, many talented content authors who can’t break these corporate barriers? Doesn’t this sound that these authors will offer their content free-of-charge, in order to break those barriers, and look for their financial rewards through other channels (recognition, engagements, advertising, etc.)?

And that is where the revolution is coming – content will soon enough become free, or next to free.

And where is this going to leave those ignorant publishing companies? What if learners worldwide vote them out?

Like Steve Jobs was quoted saying in this blog – “… This $8 billion a year industry is ripe for digital destruction … “.

What do you think?

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