we are in the news …

It is humbling to see that our innovative ideas are already sparking some attention. In his blog, Tom van der Ark shares his views on ‘educational intelligence’ and believes that “… with the right education partners…” Knowillage could be in the forefront of this trend. Read more in his blog HERE .

Aside from obviously appreciating the recognition, it is interesting to see how Learning Analytics (‘educational intelligence’ as Tom calls it) is gaining more and more momentum. We hope to present some of our work at the next Learning Analytics conference here in Vancouver in May 2012.

But, if I may, Knowillage wants to go far beyond much needed Customer (read: learner) relationship management and understanding learner’s behavior and cater the education more appropriately. We see the opportunity of Google-level proportions where the boundaries of a customer (again read: learner/student), should be identical to those of an internet user. We don’t learn in the classrom only, using publisher approved materials. We learn all day using the *whole* internet. Shouldn’t that call for CRM / educational intelligince that goes beyond the boundaries of online education delivered through LMS?

The big question is – how to do it?

Here, at Knowillage,  we think we have an idea. A very good idea. Well.. more than an idea.

What do you think?

PS. Thanks, Tom. This means a lot to us.

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